Frequently Asked Questions

You might want to make some restaurant reservations. Our wonderful restaurants get very busy during the summer seasonal weeks. Some restaurants accept reservations many months in advance and it's best to get your dates and times reserved early.

Grocery ordering can be accomplished ahead of time as well. Acme and Shoprite also offer delivery options.

For special occasions, why not book a chef? You won't be dissapointed: https://www.chef-guy.com/

Would you like to plan a special family portrait? Several wonderful photographers can help: https://www.campliphoto.com/beach-portraits or try: https://mpmyersphotography.com/

The use of our beach box is free to our seasonal guests. Our beach box is among the green boxes located to the left of the Jefferson Street beach entrance. They are operated by Gram's Beach Service. Our box is #7 and it will be locked when you arrive. Please make sure you bring the key to the beach on that first day, it will be hanging on an orange key ring in the foyer. Our beach box makes things super easy, bring your own chairs and toys to the beach once at the beginning of your vacation and leave them there safe and secure in our locked box each night.....no lugging your things back and forth from the beach each day!

New this season: We'll also leave 4 beach chairs in our beach box for your use. Please leave them locked in the beach box at the end of your stay.

Our two large beach umbrellas are also free to our guests. We will leave our large beach umbrellas hanging behind our garage for your use. You may set them up daily. We've left a beach wagon behind our garage too so that you can get them to and from the beach easily.

We provide many extras that other weekly rentals do not. Namely, we provide:

  • Toilet Paper (one extra roll for each bath)
  • Lysol wipes and air freshing spray in each bath
  • Tissues in each bedroom and bath
  • Paper Towels at each kitchen sink
  • Dish Soap & new sponges
  • Hand Soaps at each sink
  • Laundry Soap and fabric spot remover
  • Kitchen trash bags

We also leave various oils and spices at the property as well as plastic wraps, foils, etc. We ask only that you replace them if you use the last as a courtesy to the next guests.

Pro tip: it helps to bring a few kitchen towels although you may rent these along with your linens.

Our back door is equipped with a digital lock. Your group will receive your own unique 4 digit door code that will permit you to access the home throughout your stay. We also leave a traditional metal key hanging in the foyer too if that makes things easier for you.

We'll email your unique code directly to you in advance of your reservation.

No, sheets and towels are not included with most home rentals in Cape May. We do, however, provide pillows, mattress pads, bedspreads, and extra blankets for each bed. You will need to bring or rent sheets for 2 King; 3 Queen; and 6 Single beds. It also helps to bring a few kitchen towels and 5 hand towels (one for each bathroom). If you prefer to rent, renting sheets and towels is easy through a local linen service.

Please find the link to Linen Ladies, this is the service that we use for linen rental:


Please contact us directly to confirm our availability.  Ann:  610-937-1061

Or, you may email us directly at magnoliaporch@gmail.com to inquire.

Currently, there are two June 2024 weeks available:  June 1-8, 2024 and June 8-15, 2024.  Those weeks rent for $13,995 each.  One other week, August 24-31, 2024, is available for $14,975.

The remaining weeks are either booked or are pending.  Our pending weeks are first made available to our returning families before they are available.


You may cancel, but a refund is not guaranteed and would be based on a successful sublet. If we are given sufficient notice there is a possibility to sublet high-demand weeks. In the event we can re-rent, all deposits paid would be refunded less a 20% fee for these services.